I never thought

OK. I never thought I would have had interest for a blog. I always thought they were kind of useless. This is a reason why I came this late, years after blog’s mania broke out.

In fact when I realized blog could be a wonderful mean to share knowledge (technical knowledge and other not strictly personal kind of knowledge) I understood their success.

I thought blogs as places where everybody told his life.

My first objection was: who cares? There is people who cares of course, still it’s not for me. Not that I do think people will be interested in this blog, still it can be a usefull way to put down quickly some pieces of information that can be shared among people who know me.

That is the same function of my website, that also failed in this sense. I never had time to improve it nor add content as frequently as I wanted. I also began writing a blog software by myself.

The point was I had to do it in PHP since altervista guys support only that language and unfortunately I just can’t stand PHP. So I  accepted the idea of using an external blog. Anyway, this is another story.

This blog will contain english and italian posts, depending on the subject (tech post tend to be in english).


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