Aquamacs 0.9.7 is out (Printing + Latex + … )


Among new features, you can print right out of the box (using and Auctex is beautifully integrated with Emacs. In fact it is the more user-friendly and more complete latex editing environment I’ve ever used.

And don’t forget to read this, if you want to make it even more user-friendly.

In short:

  1. Copied txs-search.el in my ~/.elisp directory (which is loaded inside Emacs with (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.elisp")
  2. Loaded txs-search.el in Emacs adding in .emacs (require 'txs-search)
  3. Added shortcut with (add-hook 'tex-mode-hook (lambda ()
    (local-set-key "\C-c\C-j" 'txs-jump-to-line)))
    . This does not work, I have to call directly Meta-X txs-jump-to-line. I also tried different keybindings, with no success.
  4. Changed editor line inside Texniscope, and cancelled useless option for alternative editor (read this in the tutorial I linked above)
  5. Compiled dvis with -src-specials option: everything works as expected (except that I’m not able to enable source specials with pdf, I’ll have to take a look at it)

In the end I have to thank David Reitter for the tutorial for Emacs/Texniscope, which I suppose is taken from a mail/post he did.


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  1. […] Texniscope also support source specials, you can have a read at my post here. […]

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