Texniscope (DVI previewer)

Texniscope is a beautifull DVI (and PDF) viewer. It is free and well integrated with MacOS X.

I needed such an application. In the X11 world there is plenty of dvi previewers (xdvi, kdvi), but for the MacOS there were none, a part from MacDVI, shareware and ported from the old MacOS (and less user-friedly than its X11 counterparts).

Texniscope also support source specials, you can have a read at my post here.


3 Responses to Texniscope (DVI previewer)

  1. RiK0 says:

    Texniscope works beautifully with TextMate too.

  2. Ted Pavlic says:

    Give Skim a try. I think it’s the next great PDF viewer (and it supports pdfsync, and so you get something like the source-specials support you had in TeXniscope).

  3. RiK0 says:

    Skim is a great software. I already use it with text mate. However, it does not read dvi (and will never do it).

    Although most of the time working with pdf is fine, sometimes you have to work with dvi.

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