Emacs bindings in Cocoa?

Key Meaning
ctrl-q Beeps. If pressed twice deletes selection.
ctrl-w Cuts text
ctrl-e Moves to end of line
ctrl-r Beeps??
ctrl-t Swaps near characters
ctrl-y Pastes text
ctrl-u Beeps??
ctrl-i Beeps??
ctrl-o Insert new line after current
ctrl-p Moves cursor to previous line
ctrl-a Moves to beginning of line
ctrl-s Beeps??
ctrl-d Deletes character on the right
ctrl-f Moves forward one character
ctrl-g Beeps??
ctrl-h Deletes character on the left
ctrl-j Beeps??
ctrl-k Cuts line from cursor to the end
ctrl-l Does nothing?
ctrl-z Beeps??
ctrl-x Beeps??
ctrl-c Beeps??
ctrl-v Moves half screen down
ctrl-b Moves backward one character
ctrl-n Moves cursor to next line
ctrl-m Beeps??

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